Best Stun Guns

This is a question we see a lot in forums and other online communities. The real question however should be phrased a little different. It should be more like:

What is the best stun gun for me?

In my opinion this is a better way to find out what the best stun gun is. What can be great for someone who works in a law enforcement job, might be the worse stun gun for your situation.

Best stun gun?

This taser is probably more than most of us need to protect our self.

Mini stun gun

Mini stun gun

This might be more something that will fit your needs.

By looking at the pictures you can see that there is not a simple answer to the question what the best stun-gun is. You have to decide what kind of stun-gun and even what kind of stun power you need to protect your self in a dangerous situation.

In our online store LbL Home Defense Products we have a large variety or stun guns available for every situation.

Just click on one of the pictures or on the next link and you will be taken to the category page of our stun guns.

Stun gun laws: Just a reminder that every state has its own stun gun laws. Some state allow the selling of stun guns and other states, like Michigan, have very strict laws that only allows selling by certified sellers and only to people with a concealed weapon permit.

A stun gun can be a very effective weapon for self defense, but in the wrong hands it can also be dangerous for the person that is using it. always make your self familiar with the use and maintenance of any stun gun. Make sure that by knowing how to use and maintain it you are ready to use it whenever you need it.

Hidden Cameras at Home

Maintaining Your Home’s Security.

Are you worried that workers in your home are stealing from you? Or perhaps you fear your teenagers are raiding the liquor cabinet or bringing friends you don’t approve of into your home when you’re not there? These are just a couple of situations where people have used hidden cameras at home to solve their problems.

Imagine that you have several painters in your home painting your downstairs rooms. Suddenly you notice that several coins from your rare coin collection seem to be missing. You are reluctant to accuse anyone, but you are sure one of the painters must be the thief. What can you do?

Today many people have solved similar problems by using hidden cameras at home. These cameras can be concealed in unique and creative ways. You may hide a camera in a clock, a mirror or a lamp. Because the cameras are small, they can be camouflaged to blend in with your home’s environment.

One family used a hidden camera in their family room because they believed their son was bringing his girlfriend home after school — against their wishes. Of course the son denied it. He was very surprised when his parents sat down and showed him a video of him and his girlfriend being a bit too intimate on the family room sofa!

Consider the situation with the painters. Why not use a hidden camera in each room in order to watch what they are up to. Should you catch someone stealing on video, you will not only stop future thefts, you will stand a much better chance of getting your valuable coins back.

No question about it, using covert cameras at home can offer you a great deal of peace of mind. You will know that what takes place in your home is being closely monitored.

Dvds To Learn Self Defense

Why would you need to learn self-defense?

No matter what your age or gender, it is always good to have some helpful self defense techniques up your sleeve. With crime rates always on the rise, you can work at learning to protect yourself should you ever be faced with any sort of attack or robbery.

Self defense dvd’s

Instead of worrying about having to find classes within your local area, you can actually learn a number of helpful skills by using self defense instructional DVDs.

Lear on your own pace

Once you have some good, basic self defense techniques down, you would be amazed at just how powerful they can be. By watching instructional DVDs you are able to learn the techniques at your own pace. If you have some time before starting your day or even if you have some free time in the afternoon, all you have to do is put in the self defense DVD and start practicing according to the instructions.

There are many dvd’s to choose from

Depending on the level of self defense techniques you are hoping to master, you will find that there are a wide variety of DVDs out there that you can choose from. Usually you can find instructional DVDs that will show you attack holds, defense moves for both knives and guns, a variety of defense moves that you can use to block punches or even ways that you can defend yourself should you be faced with multiple attackers.

Easy to learn new techniques.

The more you get involved with self defense DVDs, the more you will want to learn from the different areas of martial arts and self defense teachings. Because you do not have the time to worry about being defenseless against any sort of attacker, watching and learning the moves that you need to protect yourself can be quite valuable. Hopefully, you will never have to use the skills you learn. However, in the unfortunate event that you are attacked, you will know what to do thanks to the videos.

If you would like to see someĀ  of the best self defense dvd’s on the market you should click on the link below

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About Home Security Products

Not that long ago the world was a lot safer to life in.
I think that each time I watch the news flash there is nothing else than news about crime.

Because of this we must start looking in defending our home and family from all the aggression and crime surrounding us.

I found out that most burglaries do not happen at nighttime like I thought it would.
In the day hours while people are working, at school or doing grocery shopping are the hours that the majority of burglaries appear to happen.

We can explain this through the simple fact that the majority of people think that it would not take place during the day and leave their houses more unguarded than they will do when leaving at night.

Defending our home is more than simply installing an alarm system or registration to an alarm company.
One way to get started can by a a simple look at your home and try to detect any soft spots.

Soft sports are options for a thief to come into a house and not being seen or heard.
What a intruder is looking for is an easy way to get in without someone watching him doing this and as fast and simple as possible.
This could be an simple to unlock sliding door in the back yard or even a window that you left open to air out your house.

Have a look around your garden and be certain that your home can be watched from the street and while you maybe lose some privateness, this is a excellent system to start defending your house.
Most of the time this will point you in the direction of a window or a door, because that is how a burglar most of the time gets in your house.

A plain detectable door or window alarmsystem can already warn them not even to try this.

Making it harder to get inside will raise the change that they will leave our house alone.
I have read statistics that show that burglaries are as a rule are planned ahead by survey your house and your habits.
By making it clear that you have safety devices installed the change that they will leave your house alone will increase drastically.

Home security products are most of the time easy to install. Lately with all the wireless devices it is even quicker to do than ever.

After defining the weak spots of our home we can start with an easy to follow plan to make our house into a safer place

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I invite you to our store and see what will fit your specific situation. For help you can contact us and we will try to answer you questions as fast as possible.